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Wedding Rings Sydney

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Level 1, 235 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD NSW 2000

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Perfectly located in the heart of Sydneys CBD, Anania Jewellers specialise in custom design Wedding Rings and Bands for both ladies and gentlemen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Carat gold is best for Wedding Rings?

Gold is a soft metal. It is mixed with other metals to make it stronger. Depending on the amount of pure Gold; Gold can be divided into 9kt, 18kt or 24kt. 24kt Gold is most expensive as it has the most amount of pure gold; however, this also makes it a weaker option. Speak with the Anania Jewellers team and they will be able to help you determine the best option for your individual needs.

Are plain traditional Wedding Bands the best ones to choose?

Today Wedding Rings and Bands are as diverse as the couples who wear them. While many couples choose to embellish their Wedding Rings with Diamonds others prefer a traditional plain band. Choose a Wedding Ring that best symbolises your relationship and one that matches your style and taste - that way it will never date.

Men’s Wedding Rings – Should he wear one?

The assumption that women care more about Wedding Rings then men is no longer accurate. Today Grooms are also concerned about having a beautiful Wedding Ring. At Anania Jewellers we create Wedding Rings especially for men. Our Men’s Wedding Bands are modern and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for a simple traditional style or something modern and embellished; we can work with you to find the perfect Men’s Wedding Ring to suit your style and budget.

Should our Wedding Rings have an inscription?

Having a special message engraved into your Wedding Ring is an extra special touch which can further enhance the beauty of your rings. By selecting words or a phrase which best describes your relationship, you will ensure your precious piece will never date. The inner surface of your Wedding Ring can act as a canvas for;

• Your names and wedding date
• A phrase from a special poem or song
• A religious writing
• A phrase from your wedding vows
How much should I spend on a Wedding Ring?

This is an important element to consider before you begin browsing. Weddings can be expensive and deciding on a budget is imperative. It is important to remember that your Wedding Ring is a keepsake you will keep with you forever while the Wedding reception and honeymoon will soon become a memory.

What metal should my Wedding Ring be made of?

This is generally the first question that the couple will need to answer when choosing their Wedding Ring. There are different types of precious metals available; however, generally the most popular ones are:

• Yellow, White or Rose Gold • Platinum • Titanium

We often tell people to consider their other jewellery items to see which precious metal will match best. If you wear mainly Yellow Gold jewellery choosing a Yellow Gold Wedding Ring is generally the best option. We can also create two tone Wedding Rings using Yellow and White or Rose Gold. Platinum is the most expensive of the precious metals.

How Do I find the perfect Wedding Ring?

Finding the perfect Wedding Rings for you and your partner can be challenging. It is important to choose a design and style that suits you and will not go out of fashion. Your Wedding Rings should remind you of one another and the bond you share. Often both partners are involved in choosing the ring. This is important so you are both happy with your Wedding Rings.

Why is A Wedding Ring So Important?

A Wedding Ring is the physical representation of a couple’s love and commitment to one another.

It is worn every day of the duration of the marriage as a continual reminder of the Bride and Groom’s deep connection. It is therefore important to consider all aspects of your Wedding Rings before making the final purchase.


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