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Couple face kill counts

Newcastle Herald

Wednesday March 23, 2011


A DRUG dealer accused of blasting a buyer in the chest with a shotgun wrapped in a towel told arresting police he had acted in self-defence, a court heard yesterday.Martin John Booth, 36, was arrested with his partner, Sabina Frances Pincovai, 26, outside their solicitor's Toronto office on Monday, about 40 hours after Mr Booth allegedly murdered James Arthur "Jimmy" Nolan on the front doorstep of Mr Booth's house at Bolton Point.The couple faced Toronto Local Court yesterday, with Ms Pincovai charged with one count each of being an accessory after the fact of murder and concealing a serious offence.Documents tendered in court yesterday said Jimmy Nolan, also known as Darren James Nolan, and his brother, Patrick, had arrived at the Leumeah Place house about 9pm on Saturday.An affidavit tendered as part of a police application to take saliva and blood samples from Mr Booth said Patrick Nolan told police the brothers were there to buy drugs.It said Mr Booth was "known to police for drug supply"."Booth has informed arresting police that the incident occurred due to 'self-defence'," the affidavit said.A police facts sheet said Mr Booth and the brothers had argued before Jimmy Nolan, 42, was shot once in the lower chest with a shotgun."The deceased suffered catastrophic injuries," the facts sheet said.". . . at the time Booth shot the deceased he had concealed the firearm under a towel."Police have not recovered the alleged murder weapon.Mr Booth and Ms Pincovai fled the scene and were wanted by police when they met with their solicitor, Stephen Churches, at his Toronto office on Monday afternoon.Mr Churches told the court yesterday he had advised the couple to hand themselves in but a "fracas" outside his office after they left meant police were called and they were taken into custody.In applying for bail for Ms Pincovai, Mr Churches said the couple had run from the scene because they were concerned for their safety.Magistrate Michelle Goodwin denied bail for both of the accused and adjourned their cases to Newcastle Local Court on May 4.

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