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Business Overview

We are an online adult toy store, which carries the latest and most innovative love products on the market today. Our emphasis are on a healthy, fun, empowering and openness no matter what sexual preference our customers are.


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Mary Jane




Sales and Marketing dept.

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Sarah Dean




Sales and Marketing dept


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by meplayuplay.

Christie , Doncaster, Vic
What a great way to spend a night in with the girls. We all had a ball playing with Lelo and Tickler range. All the girls found them very stylish and not offensive, it was a great introduction to love toys. We all can't wait till your website is launched!!!
Stacey , Balmain, NSW
Thanks for the great items and fantastic customer support. The Hen's night was so much fun and entertaining the girls loved it.
Paula , Frankston, Vic
I wanted to thank you for giving my husband the opportunity of finding the perfect toy for us to experiment with. We have been curios for a while, but he finally stepped out of his comfort zone. Thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for a man to use a vibrator on his balls?

Yes. Occasional mild vibration of the testes should not damage the testes or affect their function. Check out our Laid P2 and P3 Love Toys as well our Lelo "Bo" and "Bob".

Can I use my vibrator in the bath, hot tub, or shower?

You shouldn't use a vibrator in the bath or hot tub unless the manufacturer specifies that it is waterproof and can be submerged. There are a number of love toys we carry that are able to be used in "wet conditions" i.e. "The Rubber Duckie"

Can I get an infection from a love toy?

Yes, women can get yeast infections or bacterial vaginal infections from using vibrators or other sex toys that have not been properly cleaned. You can also get a vaginal infection if the vibrator spreads germs from the anal area to the vagina (i.e., if you use it in or near your anus, and then use it in or near your vagina without washing it first). Sex toys should always be cleaned after use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water, or a disinfectant sex toy cleanser, and should likewise be washed after being used anally before being used in or near the vagina.

Can I hurt myself with a love toy?

Vibrators are as safe as any other small electrical device as long as they're used according the instructions and with common sense.

How do I use a love toy with my partner?

Vibrators can be a great addition to a couple's sex life. Ideally, you and your partner should select the vibrator together. The more you communicate with each other about any aspect of your lovemaking, the better. Springing a vibrator on a partner without talking about it first can backfire. Plus, you need to get a vibrator that provides the type of stimulation your partner likes.

Once you have the vibrator selected, you and your partner can try incorporating it into your foreplay or lovemaking. Be sure the vibrator is available and ready to go before you begin your session. Having to fumble with packaging or getting the batteries loaded can spoil the mood. Have it at hand on the bed or within easy reach so you can grab it when the moment is right.

When you get to the point in foreplay when you and your partner are petting or stimulating each other's genitals, grab the vibrator. As you're using your hands or mouth to stimulate your partner, transition from manual or oral stimulation to using the vibrator on your partner. Pay attention to their responses and what they enjoy. If it's more comfortable for your partner, you can give them the vibrator or the controls and let them pleasure themselves while you fondle them in other ways.

Can I insert a vibrator in my ass?

Most dildo type (penis shaped) vibrators can be inserted in the ass, but you shouldn't insert anything in your ass that doesn't have a flange or wide base at the bottom that will keep it from going all the way inside you. If you want to combine anal stimulation and vibration, use a vibrating probe especially designed for anal use, or a vibrating butt plug.

What are vibrating cock rings?

A vibrating cock ring is a band that goes around the base of the cock and has a small vibrator attached to stimulate the wearer or his partner. The ring helps maintain erection by restricting blood flow in the penis. Check out our "Bo" and "Bob" collection for men.

If my vibrator breaks, can I get it fixed?

Most inexpensive vibrators will simply have to be replaced when they break. Higher quality brands, like our Lelo, Tickler and Laid can be covered for up to 12 months manufacturer warranty.

How should I clean my vibrator?

Use mild soap and warm water, or use a commercially available sex toy cleaning solution. Don't submerge your vibrator if it is not waterproof.



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