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Allure Hair

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160 Marius St, Tamworth NSW 2340

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1 Customer Review

The girls at Allure do a wonderful job. Great atmosphere and friendly, efficient and obliging service. You are guaranteed to leave the salon with a fantastic cut, colour and whatever else you desire ....because they enjoy pleasing the customer. Kylie styles my hair and I receive many comments. In fact, that is how I learned about Allure Hairdressing through recommendation... I just happened to comment on someone else's hairstyle. The head massages are to "die for" and the girls make fantastic tea and coffee. The prices are very economical and I will always be back for more pampering treatment.

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Delighted with the way our new salon has come about so fast and so well. We are the newest salon in town however having over 38 trophies to my name, a mixture of Australian, State and Regional award levels. I love all aspects of hairdressing, but most of all I love the fact I get up each day and be excited about work that fits into my everyday family life. Both my work and family life inspire me creatively and successfully.





Being born and having grown up in Tamworth I am familiar and at home with the industry here. I have combined experience of over 5 years both here and overseas. Having traveled and worked extensively throughout the USA and UK I have gained a worldly knowledge in the latest of new and exciting trends. I am passionate about putting my skills to the challenge both to suit the needs of my senior and younger clients. I am very excited to be opening 'Allure Hair' with Kylie. I would also have to say I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing, but specialise in 'Precision Cutting' and 'Wedding Styling' of highest in quality in the Tamworth area.





Hi my name is Bree, I am the third year apprentice at 'Allure Hair'. I have completed my TAFE training with distinctions. I am currently ranked as No. 1 in the region, winning many of the events I have competed in. I am looking forward to 'Hair Expo 2009' as I will be competing in the Australian / New Zealand 'Apprentice of the Year' competition for all of Australia.


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Felicity Mayman , Tamworth
wow what a terrific experience and look.Girls are great
Leesa Willis , Tamworth
The best salon in town and so beautiful
Megan Auld , Tamworth
Great salon . All round a wonderful experience Thank Girl
Sarah O'Connor , Tamworth
Hi Girls, Love the site and love the images! Its all come together really nicely! Best of luck!



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